Posting Scores

Posting Scores – Getting Started

Your official USGA Handicap Index can be issued through the Golf Association of Michigan (GAM). You must have a current MWGA membership to maintain an active GAM membership through the MWGA. If your GAM membership has been inactivated you will need to rejoin the MWGA or another GAM member club. To be reactivated, please submit your Membership application to the MWGA Membership Director => Membership Application or contact the MWGA Membership Director at


GAM logonids and passwords for new MWGA members are initially set to either your firstnamelastnameyy or firstinitiallastnameyy (yy is the current year).


To post scores, and to obtain and maintain a current USGA index, please review and be familiar with the information under this menu, in particular: Handicapping101 and GAM-Posting-Instructions


If you are experiencing other problems accessing information on the GAM website, please email the MWGA Handicap Director at with a detailed description of your problems.


You can always post your scores by sending them with the date, course and slope ratings to the MWGA Handicap Director, Review all information under Posting Scores for more details.


In general, to post scores online:

– Go to GAM,, then under Member Login, enter your GAM User name and password

– from the green menu bar – select “View Handicap/Post Score” – respond to any additional menu items, until your posting record appears

– select “Post A Score” for 18 or 9 holes.

– enter the first few characters of the course name

– select the course you played

– select the tees you played

– If the tees you played are not listed

– select Unlisted Tees

– enter the women’s ratings, as determined, for the tees you played (to determine these ratings, follow the Women’s Ratings Adjustments procedures located in  Handicapping101

– enter your adjusted score in the Score box (do not use the ESC box) – enter the date the round was play – if the score is a Tournament Score, select “yes” – click “Submit” – after the confirmation page appears, click “Done”