Volunteer to Help – Girls Golf Program

Volunteer to Help

As the MWGA prepares for our 10th year with the LPGA-USGA Girls Golf Program, we expect to see astronomical growth. In order for us to do this successfully, we need your help to support our girls and the work of the LPGA and PGA golf pros. Our expectations are to have nine sessions each at Rouge Park Driving Range, Chandler Park Golf Course and the Belle Isle Golf Facility. The program is scheduled to meet once a week on a weekday for approximately two hours at each location.
Please consider volunteering your time for a very worthy cause. Lending your time to this program will certainly ensure the future of women’s golf through our Girls Golf Program.
For more information email your questions or requests to juniors@mwgolf.org  call Shirley McClain at 586-202-0301 or Mary Washington at 313-320-9518.  To volunteer complete and submit the volunteer form below.


Volunteer Form

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