2016 MPL Standings, Roster, Schedules

Harriett Forniss defeats Linda Stoddard 1 up in the closely contested Finale2016-mpl-winner-harriett-fornissmpl-winner-receives-trophy   The 2016 Match Play League Roster, Pairings, Standings & Results

2016 MPL Play-Off Bracket Standings
Finale Team Results
 2016 Regular Season Results






MPL FINALS & League Finale

2016 Finale details

MPL PlayOffs

After the Match Play League regular season ends, the 7 flight winners, along with the 9 players (wildcard positions) with the most matches won, then total points won, then fewest points loss, regardless of flight, will be selected. The 16 players will be seeded based on Total Matches Won, then Total Points Won to Total Points Loss. There are four Play-Off rounds, the Qualifying Round (16 players), Quarter Finals (8 players), Semi-Finals (4 Players) and the Finals (2 players). Standings will be updated as matches are completed.