MWGA Match Play League


What is Match Play?

Match play is played hole-by-hole, one player against another.  Each hole played is either won, lost oScorecard_MatchPlay_B9er halved to your opponent.  The match is over when a player leads by a number of holes greater than the remaining holes to be played.  At this point, it is not possible for the opponent to tie or win the match, no matter what happens on the remaining holes.


Most golfers are very familiar with stoke play, where your aggregate score over a stipulated round determines your place among fellow competitors. But match play, where the score on a hole is only important in relation to your opponents score on that hole, is a different game. Match Play is much more about strategy and a battle of wills in this head-to-head competition.  You only need to out play, out think, out smart one opponent, to win a match. As with stroke play, match play can be played as gross or net.


Match play and stroke play rules often differ when there is a breach of a rule. The rules themselves may differ slightly. A breach of a rule in stroke play, often results in a one or two stroke penalty.  In match play, this same breach could result in lost of the hole.


Want to experience match play? Dust off your Rules Book and join the league.  The MWGA Match Play League is open to MWGA members in good standing.  The league is flighted by index. If the league is full, you can always play in one of the group events scheduled throughout the summer.

For more information, see the links under Match Play League on the right or go to the   MWGA Event Schedule, and look for Match Play League.


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