Atlas Trophy Matches


Atlas_History_Results and Photos from the Atlas Matches


The first GAM Women’s Atlas Trophy Matches were held in 1989 when Michigan’s  best public course players teamed against  the best private course players in a match play format.  The winning team is awarded the Atlas Cup Trophy and major bragging rights. The teams are selected from the GAM Honor Roll.  Players obtain Honor Roll points based on their gross finish in selected GAM, USGA and junior tour tournaments and the MWGA State Championship.  Visit the GAM website at for the specific tournaments and the points awarded for each.


Each team consist of 12 players who must earn an invitation to compete.  The teams are generally determined  by taking the top 8 eligible players from the GAM women’s honor roll, the top player from the junior honor roll,  the top player from the senior honor roll, and then two captains picks.  This highly competitive two-day event, is setup similar to the Ryder and Solheim Cups.  There are three matches conducted over two days: foursomes (alternate shot), four-ball and singles.   The event is open to spectators.  No caddies are allowed.


In 2010, the women’s Atlas matches are scheduled on the even years and the men play the odd years.


Visit the GAM website for other information =>, select Tournaments, then GAM Championships then from the drop-down menu on the right, select Atlas Trophy Matches.