2014-15 New Decisions to the Rules of Golf

New Decisions on the Rules of Golf 2014-2015

Effective January 1, 2014, 87 changes to the Rules of Golf and Decisions were announced

2014 USGA Decisions

Below are 4 changes to be aware of.

1) New Decision 14-3/18 A player can access weather reports on a smart phone during a round.

2) New Decision 18/4 Where enhanced technological evidence shows a ball left its position and came to rest in a different location, the ball will not be deemed to have moved if that movement was not reasonably discernable to the naked eye at the time.

3) Revised Decision 25-2/0.5 Added illustrations to clarify when a ball is considered embedded in the ground.

4) Revised Decision 27-2a/1.5 A player may go forward approximately 50 yards without forfeiting his right to go back and play a provisional ball.

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